Terms of Service

Parties to the Agreement shall be defined as: “Customer” (any person who clicks, agree, and proceeds to place an order for the Product, “Pico-Free reusable container) and hereby referred to as “Pico-Free”

1.      Pico-Free will place an order to the manufacturer upon an “adequate quantity of orders” being collected during the term which the shopping cart is open. The term of the shopping cart being open shall be no longer than 30 days. “Adequate quantity of orders” shall be determined between Pico-Free and the manufacturer.

2.       The manufacturing lead time of the products shall be no more than 45 days.

3.       Shipping from the manufacturing facility to the pack out facility shall be no longer than 35 days.  

4.      The time from Customer placing an order for the Product, and the Product being shipped to the Customer shall be approximately 90 days, but no case more than 120 days.

5.     Once an order is placed by the Customer, it can only be canceled unless agreed upon in writing by Pico-Free.

6.     Individual orders are one Product per order, and will be shipped one Product per box. The Customer may make an unlimited amount of individual orders.  

7.      Pico-Free shall replace any Product that is defective, or damaged upon reception by the Customer so long as claim is made to Pico-Free within 5 days if Customer receiving the Product. In order for Product to be replaced :

(1) The customer shall send photographs of the damage, the outer shipping box, the inner shipping box, and the shipping label on the outer shipping box to :into@pico-free.com

2) Pico-Free will review the pictures, and if applicable, will send a return shipping label to the Customer. Once the defective unit is received Pico-Free shall promptly dispatch a replacement product to the consumer.

(3) upon reception of replacement, the Customer shall inform Pico-Free of reception, and shall confirm that the Product has been received and in good condition, at this point or within 3 days from delivery if no mail is received by Pico-Free from the Customer, the replacement issue shall be considered complete and closed and over and no further claims shall be made.  

8.       Pico-Free warrants that the product is made from new and high quality materials, individually inspected, and in good condition, fit for the intended use. Maintenance, cleaning, and care of the Product is entirely the responsibility of the Customer. Any alterations or modifications of the Product shall void any warranty, either implied or written in this agreement. Any warranty either written or implied shall be void upon first usage of the Product.  Pico-Free is in no way responsible for the usage of the Product or any damage to Customer property in any way which may be caused though the usage of the Product. The Customer assumes all responsibility and risk of loss or damage in the usage of the Product.  

9.       The Customer agrees that no claim, complaint, lawsuit, legal action, or action of any kind shall be taken against Pico-Free in connection with Customer ordering, receiving, using, disposing of, or sale to a third party, or, or in connection to the Product.

 10.  Pico-Free will use Chat/Email/Telephony technology platform of its choice to communicate    with the Customer.  

11.    Term of contract: This agreement is valid from the time a Customer places an order for the Product until 5 days after the Product has been received by the Customer, and no claims have been made to Pico-Free pursuant of section (5).

12.    This agreement is the full agreement, and no other terms, implied warranties, or agreements exist outside of this agreement.  

Upon clicking agree and/or placing an order the Customer agrees to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.