“We all love our machines, but we have been left pack-less for years. Now with these reusable boxes, we are pico-free!”


About this project:

November 5, 2022
As some of you may know, I happened to meet my supply partner at a recent trade show in Las Vegas, and they agreed to do one more run for us. So here we are again. The cart will be open until the end of November. As Isaid last time, one last order, I will not say it this time. However I make no promise. I cannot guarantee that this is the last or not. If you still need one of these I urge you to order. If you are on the fence, its time to jump down.

I simply do not want to have all the inventory of different size shipping boxes. This will be much more manageable for me.

.... The mother ship going down is not a limitation.... it is a liberation

For those of you who have been following this journey on the Facebook user group, you already know this, so this is for the benefit of those who don’t. We were all sad, and worried when we learned that the mother ship was going down. I was truly taken aback by how the group came together to combine talents to write the Pi-Server. These guys are wizards, and should be commended and thanked. This is something that I could never do.  I also wanted to do what I can do.

I have been in product development and sourcing for many years, and so I went on a journey to do what I can do to aid this effort and this is it. This is a reusable grain and hops box set that you can use over and over again in your step filter. This is made of high quality, high temperature poly-propylene. It is food safe and BPA free. I have been using this at home for quite some time, and I am very happy with it, and now it is time that everyone has one, or two, or … as many as you may like.

This is NOT for PROFIT. I DO NOT plan on making any money, nor do I plan on investing much of my money. This is preorder only. I do not plan to reorder at this point. There will be no customer service. This is not a company. Based on the response and interest of the Facebook group, I am calculating all costs based on 300 pcs order.

The cost is based on the following: (Cost of the box) + (Shipping from Hong Kong to the USA) + (Shipping from port to my house) + (All required import taxes) +(Shipping cost within the Continental USA) + (A small margin for any incidentals along the way) = YOUR COST.

After the last boxes ship from my garage, I will be donating any remaining revenue to nokidhungry.org. This is just part of our little brewing community’s effort to stay alive. There will be a donate button at the bottom of the order form, and you will be able to donate more if you like, and if you can. If you appreciate all that is happening from this community to make all of this happen, then please, feed a child while you brew your beer. I hope that we can exchange recipes and json files for our brews in the future, so that we can all enjoy in  each other’s pico-free creations.

Important things to know:

1) The grain bin set is made of high temperature food grade polypropylene.

2) The grain bin overflow drain is facing the inside of the machine, not the outside like the original picopacks that faces forward. It does not leak into the hop box.

3) The hop box is shorter than the first design, but this does not impede functionality.

4) You need to place a tea filter, hop ball between the grain box an the hop box to separate.

5) We take no responsibility or liability for how or what you do with this Pico Free container. We do not guarantee anything.

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